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MS Flight Simulator Approaches


Send me an e-mail to request two folders containing files necessary for incorporating instrument approaches which were created and tested for the ILS at San Jose International Airport (KSJC) in California. These feature different meteorological conditions in which you'll perform the ILS to the airport. They range from easy (CAVOK) to LIFR with CBs. I suggest that you start flying the easiest and read the instructions given to you in FS briefing.  You need to copy these files to your "Flight Simulator Files" located in "My Documents" for MSFS2002/2004. For MSFS 95/98 & 2000 You'll need to copy the appropiate files to your "Pilots" folder in your Microsoft's Flight Simulator program.


Additionally you will find various approaches under different Meteorological conditions of the NDB Rwy. 16R to Everett, Wa (Payne Field - KPAE) where the main Boeing assembly plant is located. This is one of the longest Final approaches of any NDB in the world. These only work on MSFS 95/98&2000.


All these approaches have been tested by professional pilots including CFIIs and are flyable (albeit some are very hard to perform, but don't worry you will not hurt yourself in the process!!).


Hope that you are able to improve your IFR skills by practicing these.

I am working on some GPS approaches and hope to be able to post these also.



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