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Departing in early November from California we traveled across the southern US to Florida. Thence south via Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island chain, across northern Brazil to Salvador, state of Bahia. Then, following the coastline to Argentina, we crossed the Andes at Bariloche flying back north via Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.This trip took 58 days and we covered 15,500 Nautical Miles.

Departed  on  November  3 

Long  Beach,  California

Austin, Texas

Kissimee  &  Pompano  Beach, Florida

San  Juan, Puerto  Rico

Martinique,  West  Indies

Grenada,  Greater  Antilles

Port  of  Spain, Trinidad

Belem,  Itaparica, Salvador (Bahia), Porto  Seguro, Ilehus, Itabuna, Rio  de  Janeiro, Florianapolis & Porto Alegre, Brazil

Buenos  Aires,  (also  went  to  Iguazu  Falls,  Mar  del  Plata, Ushuaia, Tierra  del  Fuego),  Bariloche, Argentina

Puerto  Montt,  Vina  del  Mar, Arica, Chile

Arequipa,  Cuzco, Machu  Pichu  and Lima, Peru

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Cali  &  Cartagena, Colombia

Grand  Cayman,  BWI

Key  West,  Florida, flying over Cuba ;  Houston,  Texas;  Phoenix,  Arizona  and  returned  back  to  California  on  December 28th.

The  trip  was  documented  with  extensive  photography  and  12  hours  of  video  from  which  a  3-hour  aviation movie  and  a  1-hour  abridged  movie  were  recently  produced.  Upon  returning,  I  wrote  and published an extensive  manuscript and  from  its  excerpts,  composed  several  articles.

Click here for a link to the manuscript (561KB HTML)

Following are some other documents concerning this trip:

Arrival in Buenos Aires (35 KB HTML) A flight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flight from Baltimore, USA to Guayaquil, Ecuador (70 KB HTML)  flight via Florida, Grand Cayman & Panama

Around the world Survival kit (45 KB HTML) list from Horst Ellenberger, Nuremburg, Germany

Maintenance Equipment to take on a major trip (27 KB HTML)

Transoceanic/Intercontinental Trip Survival Kit (35 KB HTML) Details of survival items taken along on major trips

A flight through the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (29KB HTML)

A L A S K A (54 KB HTML) Document in SPANISH describing the Summer trip by Argentinean pilots to Alaska, by Dr. Carlos Korte

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