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Arrival in Buenos Aires  (35 KB HTML)  A flight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flight from Baltimore (29 KB HTML) USA to Guayaquil, Ecuador - flight via Florida, Grand Cayman & Panama

Across to Scandinavia (12 KB HTML) flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to Sweden

Trip to Alaska (105 KB HTML) Flight of two planes from California to Alaska and back

Berlin to Reno 42 KB HTML) A flight from Berlin, Germany to Reno, USA via Great Britain, Iceland, Greenland and Canada

Are you legal or proficient? (72 KB HTML) a discussion on PC based flight simulators

Glacier Flying in Alaska (23 KB HTML) details of a trip to Alaska, USA

Around the world Survival kit (45 KB HTML) list from Horst Ellenberger, Nuremburg, Germany

Maintenance Equipment to take on a major trip (27KB HTML)

Tale of Minimums (20KB HTML) a brief story of flying approaches to low IFR conditions

WBS "Long Rangers" Fly to Europe (89KB HTML) a reprint of an interview with the World Beechcraft Society about the First trip to Europe

Return to Narsarsuaq (14KB HTML) a story about the North Atlantic crossing

Transoceanic/Intercontinental Trip Survival Kit (35KB HTML) Details of survival items taken along on major trips

A flight through the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (29KB HTML)

Summer Trip to the Southeastern United States Website

Friendship Trip of the Americas (561KB HTML) manuscript of the flight around the Americas.

Russia (15KB HTML) details of the trip to Russia

The need for Flight Plans (8 KB HTML)

Flying around Europe (18 KB HTML) details of recent flight from Hamburg-Dessau-Berlin, Germany to Krakow, Poland; Salzburg, Austria; Amsterdam, Holland; Copenhagen, Denmark and back to Berlin.

The Ring of Fire (19 KB HTML) A discussion of flights in active Volcano Areas

High Altitude Take Offs (14 KB HTML) Considerations for taking off from high elevation airports

A L A S K A (54 KB HTML) Document in SPANISH describing the Summer trip by Argentinean pilots to Alaska, by Dr. Carlos Korte

Crossing the Southern Andes (23 KB HTML) a perfect flight at low altitude from Puerto Montt, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina across the Andes mountains.

How to save 7 of 8 hours on your next landing gear overhaul (11 KB HTML) Tip on shortcuts to replacing landing gear strut O-rings

Pneumatic instrument system considerations (11 KB HTML) Hints in troubleshooting the Beechcraft Pneumatic system

Friendly Handshake (A small plane flight from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego then across the South Atlantic to the Falkland/Malvinas Islands VIDEO)

Venezuela! (Flying around in Venezuela including Canaima, Angel Falls, indian villages and Caribbean islands VIDEO)

Uruguay! (A flight across the River Plate to a large estancia in Central Uruguay VIDEO)

Argentina/Chile (a flight across the southern Andes visiting southern Chile and Patagonia including the Peninsula Valdez wildlife refuge VIDEO)

100th Anniversary of Aviation Commemorative Flight (A flight in a small plane birthplaces of aviation including Kitty Hawk, USAF Museum and EAA's AirVenture VIDEO)

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