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Departing at the end of July from California we've traveled across the Midwest to New Foundland, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Holland, Denmark, England, Scotland and back across the North Atlantic.

The trip took 30 days and we covered over 12,000 Nautical Miles. Watch the theatrical trailer VIDEO

Note: All theatrical trailers are onWindows Media 9 Series Player

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Friendship Trip of the Americas  - South America

Departing in early November from California we traveled across the southern US to Florida. Thence south via Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island chain, across northern Brazil to Salvador, state of Bahia. Then, following the coastline to Argentina, we crossed the Andes at Bariloche flying back north via Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

This trip took 58 days and we covered 15,500 Nautical Miles.

Other trips

Traveling to Alaska twice. Going to Russia and back in a Malibu.

 Ferrying a Mirage from Baltimore, USA to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Summary of the trip to the Southeastern US.

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